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Car Waxing & Sealing TemeculaWhy choose Valet Detail? We are trusted as professionals when it comes to Car Waxing & Sealing in Temecula, CA. We stand for excellence and leadership in our industry, and we have been serving Temecula and the local surrounding area since we were established.

Valet Detail is proud to be a household name for Car Waxing & Sealing in Temecula, CA. We possess years of experience and a professional staff that is knowledgeable and trustworthy. We are the company you can rely on for Car Waxing & Sealing in Temecula, CA.

We are well known for Car Waxing & Sealing in Temecula, and when you are in need of prompt service, we will over deliver each and every time. You will have nothing to fear after you call us for Car Waxing & Sealing Temecula, CA.

  1. Pressure rinse off all excess residue on the body, wheels, wheel wells & tires
  2. Pressure wash door jambs (if needed)
  3. Scrub all corners and crevices
  4. Rinse down with filtered Spot free water
  5. Blow out water from all corners and crevices
  6. Complete body, jams, glass and wheels wipe down
  7. Streak free windows & mirrors
  8. Tire dressing
  9. Machine polish finish, removing scuffs, light scratches and light oxidation
  10. Wax to protect finish & enrich gloss

There’s no substitute for quality

Our compounds and waxes will remove minor imperfections and leave your vehicle with a deep, brilliant shine, while also protecting your paint from harsh weather and fading.

We rigorously test all of our employees to ensure that they know everything they should about Car Waxing & Sealing. We always commit to oversee all of your needs and concerns, so we can effectively complete the work we have been hired to do. We wish for our customers to take comfort in knowing that Valet Detail is always here for them.

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